Calvary Gospel Bible Institute has been established as a community of learners working together to better understand who we are and how to live. As a Bible Institute, our responsibility is to educate ourselves and the ever-changing larger community, recognizing the importance of Scripture as the foundation of learning for spiritual, ministerial, and life-long development.

The objective of the school is to understand the Christian tradition in an open, non-sectarian way, upholding the importance of one’s own beliefs with respect for and fair consideration of others’ beliefs.

As a school in the shadow of the nation’s capital, we seek to understand the history and environment of our region as a bridge to understanding the history and environment of the larger world.

We value the diversity and the interrelatedness of knowledge, the importance of rational inquiry and open discussion, and the interdependence of all life. We believe individual success is characterized not only by independent and creative thought, but also by evidence of an ethical commitment to others.
CGBI seeks to prepare students to act responsibly as members of an academically, socially, ecologically, and spiritually interconnected world.