Bachelor of Religious Science in Biblical Studies
120 Credit Hours


Master of Theology 
(Prerequisite: Bachelor in Biblical Studies)
48 Credit Hours
Master of Biblical Studies 
(Prerequisite: Bachelor in any field)
60 Credit Hours
Doctor of Ministry  
(Beyond Master)
60 Credit Hours
The Educational Tour is optional and could substitute 12 credit hours for stated program requirements. The Academic Dean will determine how to apply those hours. Bi-annually CCC will sponsor an overseas trip of an educational nature. This will require the keeping of a journal and special readings. A person may earn 12 credits if tour is taken as an undergraduate, 12 credits if taken in the master’s program, and a tour may fulfill 12 credit hours for a doctoral student.


This pertains to the Bachelor level 
A student may be awarded transfer credits and life experience credits. The total that can be awarded is 60 credits. A student must take at least 60 credits from Calvary College to earn a degree from Calvary College. A maximum of 24 Life Experience credit hours may be substituted for stated program requirements (Bachelor level only). The Academic Dean will determine each student’s program.

Transfer credits are not awarded at the Masters or Doctoral level.


The Doctoral Program will consist of four distinct phases.  Each phase has a minimum time frame of 6 months and a maximum of one year. A month break will separate the phases. Each phase requires a 150 page research paper and the completion of four courses. These courses are to be taken at Calvary Christian College (on a graduate level).