calvary bible institute

Calvary Bible Institute offers you the opportunity to pursue a more formal, in-depth, and scholarly systematic study of  the Bible, the church, and your Christian faith, without the pressure of working toward a college degree!  The school presents information on a college level, that is, beyond what you can achieve in Bible study classes on Wednesday nights.  You attend the college classes of your choice; you hear the lectures, participate in discussions and read the material without having to submit the coursework that is expected of our Calvary Christian College degree-seeking students.  You will not take tests, exams, or turn in term papers and reports.  For every ten courses that you complete, you will receive a special certificate that will be presented to you during the annual commencement exercises for the college.
Requirements for course completion consist of attending at least 7 of the ten classes in each course for which you have registered.  You must read the book that is assigned for that course.  You will be charged the reduced tuition fee of $100.00 per course, or $50 for a seminar, which must be paid by the first night of the semester for admission to the class.  Registered Calvary Christian College students, however, have a priority for seating. Once you become a degree-seeking student, this option is no longer available. For more information about the Bible institute contact the college registrar.